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UNIGE Diploma
UNIGE Diploma

Sell top quality UNIGE Diploma, Fake University of Geneva Diploma, Order Fake Université de Genève Diploma, Order Fake Diploma, From the time of its creation in 1559 by Jean Calvin, right up to the recent discovery by University astrophysicists of extrasolar planets, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) has continued to grow and develop while maintaining its longstanding tradition of excellence with an international angle. The University of Geneva is  the second largest university in Switzerland and is a public institution of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. It pursues three missions: teaching (classes are, in general, taught in French), research, and service to the wider community.

UNIGE Diploma seal
UNIGE Diploma seal

Faculties and focus

The UNIGE is composed of eight faculties:

  • Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Arts
  • Social Science and Economics
  • Law
  • Theology
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • School of Translation and Interpretation

There also several interdisciplinary centers in areas such as informatics, neurosciences and environmental studies.

Having completed its transition to the “Bologna System” in 2007, UNIGE is now part of the European Space of Higher Education. It offers more than 340 types of degrees and more than 200 continuing education programs covering an extremely wide variety of fields: exact sciences, medicine and humanities.

UNIGE develops its priorities along six axes: life sciences (from gene to patient), physical sciences (from atoms to galaxies), neurosciences (from neuron to philosophy), historical sciences, environmental sciences and finance and society. UNIGE is host to three National Centres of Competence in Research: Frontiers in Genetics, Materials with Novel Electronic Properties (MaNEP) and Affective Sciences.