Buy high quality Fake Diploma, Fake Certificates and Transcript online
We provide 24-hour online service
Buy high quality Fake Diploma, Fake Certificates and Transcript online
Buy high quality Fake Diploma, Fake Certificates and Transcript online
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On our website you can purchase high-quality diplomas and the most effective and thoughtful customized certificate services

990,00+ copies

We have designed, customized, and printed over 99,000+ documents, all to our client’s specific requirements


The certificates we custom-made are 100% accurate, 100% on time, and 100% confidential.

Get a Custom Fake Diploma or Certificate Made For You

If you are Buying a Fake Diploma, Fake Certificate, etc., online, then you have come to the best place. We can easily and affordably reproduce a personalized Fake Diploma or certificate for you. With over a decade of experience, we’ve truly mastered the craft of creating authentic-looking Fake diplomas and transcripts!

MakeDiplomaOnline has collected thousands of diplomas from universities across the globe. In short, we customize the diplomas or certificates a customer wants based on their needs. On our company’s website, customers can see the contact information at first glance and are free to send data. The rest of the matter was handed over to us. Our customer service staff will give you the best results with their supreme quality in the most professional and fastest way throughout Fake Diploma maker process.

Why Choose Us For Your Fake Diploma or Certificate?

There are many reasons to choose us when you need a customized Fake Diploma or Certificate. Here are some of the top reasons we stand out for Fake Diploma maker process:

High Quality and Realistic Diplomas

Our skilled graphic artists pay careful attention to every Fake Diploma or Certificate to ensure it looks authentic. We use high-quality materials and printing methods, including:

  • Official-looking seals and signatures
  • Watermarks on transcripts and diplomas
  • Quality paper with texture and weight similar to real diplomas
  • Color matching to the real university seals and fonts

You can be confident that your Fake Diploma or Certificate made by MakeDiplomaOnline will arrive looking official and realistic.


Take a look at our most popular services

See our full range of products and pricing

See our full range of products and pricing

See our full range of products and pricing

See our full range of products and pricing

See our full range of products and pricing

See our full range of products and pricing

Ordering Process for Phony/ Fake Degree Diplomas & Certificates

We make the process of buying a realistic Fake Degree Diploma or Certificate online easy. Follow these steps:
Step 1: Select Your Document Type
We can create realistic fakes for nearly any type of academic or professional document, including:
●Diplomas – High School, College, University
●Certificates – Medical, Business, Trades
●Awards, Licenses, Permits, and more!
Browse our website to view any sample of Fake Degree Diploma and options for Fake Degree Diplomas.
Step 2: Complete Our Online Order Form
Our order form only takes a few minutes to complete. We’ll need details like:
●Your name and address to print on the documents
●Background colors, seals, signatures, and font styles based on reference samples
●Any special text or honors to include
●Quantity needed & shipping preference
Step 3: Approve Your Proof and Submit Payment
We will email you a proof within one business day that you can review/approve before printing your order. That way, you can make sure everything looks good before we go into production. 3. Afterward, approve it and pay to print your order, and we send you the chips.

Fake Diploma and Certificate Uses

There are many creative uses or Fake Diplomas, Fake Certificates, Fake Transcripts, and other documents:

● Gag gifts – Give friends a laugh with a silly fake degree or award

● Film props – Rent or Buy Fake Diplomas for theater, movie sets, music videos

● Professional credentials – Display decorative Fake Diplomas in your office

● Conversation pieces – Spark interest and intrigue with a fake medical/law degree

● Promotions – Submit fake experience to advance your career (use at own risk)

● Build confidence – Having a Fake diploma can boost self-esteem and ambition

Our Fake Diplomas are novelty items. We do not condone illegally defrauding employers or educational institutions. Customers assume responsibility for using fakes appropriately. So, you can order Fake Diploma from our website.

Real Raised, Embossed and Engraved Emblems & Seals

We are the pioneers of gold foil, metallic and embossed emblems and seals. We offer real raised puffy Emblems, foil stickers, and authentic embossed emblems in
many colors, shapes and sizes that can be seen through the back of the paper. Get the most authentic and realistic documents offered anywhere gurenateed!

Why Use Our Fake Diploma and Certificate Service?

If you are considering buying a high-quality, customized Fake diploma, Fake certificate, or other document online, choose us. Here are key reasons to use our service:
Quality Products
Our skilled graphic designers pay close attention to detail on every fake document order. We use quality materials and advanced printing methods to ensure realism. Your fake will look authentic!
Guaranteed Privacy
Your order details and personal information are kept fully confidential. All packages are shipped discreetly for complete privacy.
Responsive Customer Service
Our helpful customer service team is available six days a week to guide you through the ordering process, answer any questions, and ensure your complete satisfaction!
Affordable Pricing
Our prices are very competitive, especially considering the quality of the fakes we create and our excellent service. Volume discounts are also available on large orders.
Quick Turnaround Time
In most cases, we can print custom-made Fake Diplomas or certificates and ship out orders within 1-3 business days after approval. Rush delivery is also available.
Rave Reviews
MakeDiplomaOnline has helped thousands of satisfied customers in over a dozen countries with our novelty fake document creation services. Check out our 5-star customer reviews! So, you should order Fake Diploma for your needs from us.